• Flat Bars

    Flat bars are steel bars with a flat surface and rectangular cross-section. They are ideal for fabrication, automotive, and construction industries. Kenza TMT Flat bars offer a cost-effective solution with exceptional strength and formability. With perfect finish and weatherproof qualities, … Continued

    Iron Billets

    Iron billets serve as the raw material in the production of different steel forms, contributing to the manufacturing of construction materials and other industrial applications. Our billets are crafted with the best raw material, ensuring they are strong, well-balanced, and … Continued

    MS Channels

    Kenza MS Channels are available in a wide dimensional range to assure availability for every application. Our MS Channels offer a robust solution for a wide range of construction and engineering applications. With its superior weldability and corrosion resistance, it … Continued

    Tubes and Pipes

    Kenza tubes and pipes promise reliability in diverse applications. From construction to manufacturing, each piece is engineered for strength and resilience. These pipes and fittings are available in various diameters offering you a variety of options to choose from for … Continued

    Square Bars

    Square bars have a distinctive square cross-section of these bars that provides exceptional stability and structural integrity, making them particularly well-suited for applications where precise angles and a strong, square shape are essential. Our Square bars offer a versatility that … Continued

    Round Bars

    Meticulously crafted for strength and consistency, our bars feature a carefully balanced composition and a smooth, flawless surface. Our dedicated workforce is constantly striving to get the best product by keeping a keen eye throughout every step of the process. … Continued

    MS Angles

    Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to ensuring the quality of all our products. Starting with the selection of superior raw materials, to precise cutting, shaping, and forming to create angles, they take the utmost care to meet the highest industry … Continued

    MS Wires

    Mild Steel Wires are used in a variety of applications including reinforcing concrete in construction, manufacturing wire mesh and fencing, crafting nails and screws, forming wire ropes for lifting, and contributing to automotive components. Kenza MS wires provide a high … Continued

    TMT Steel Bars

    Kenza TMT steel bars are widely used for bridge and building constructions. Out top TMT bars in Kerala are available in varying sizes offering you the opportunity to choose the best product for your needs. It is manufactured by our … Continued