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    Kenza TMT steel bars - Empowering customers since 1991 with the best TMT steel bars.

    KENZA is a trusted Manufacturer of TMT bars committed to delivering the finest quality products at affordable prices. With a history of 33 years, led by visionaries PK Moideen Koya and Mujeeb Rahaman, KENZA has leveraged their extensive experience to provide the best steel for construction and development projects.

    Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, resulting in our position as a top choice for TMT bars suppliers. At KENZA, we take pride in our legacy of providing top-notch steel bars that meet the highest quality standards.

    Our Success

    Kerala's leading TMT steel brand with the largest number of manufacturing units

    Our growth over the years is a testament to our unwavering dedication and commitment to delivering the highest quality products and ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction. Our achievements are ever-evolving, and we are on a dynamic path that ensures we remain the top choice for TMT steel in Kerala.

    Our Products

    Our Products

    TMT Steel Bars
    MS Wires
    MS Angles
    Round Bars
    Square Bars
    Tubes and Pipes
    MS Channels
    Iron Billets
    Flat Bars
    New Benchmark in Strength and Durability

    Our relentless pursuit of excellence and high regards for innovation, combined with our in-house technologies gave birth to a new breed of TMT steel bars. Fe 550 SD is a higher standard not just in terms of durability and quality, but also practical cost benefits for the customer.

    When it comes to safety, Fe 550 SD steel bars absorb the stress caused by earthquakes and are capable of withstanding heavy rains. They are also CRS certified, which means they resist corrosion better than their peers.

    International quality standards

    We make use of German technology in order to produce high-quality products that meets International standards


    Our products are made from 100% refined steel billets that can withstand heavy impacts

    Seismic Resilience

    Made from the finest dolomite iron ore, our products are highly ductile and can absorb stress from earthquakes

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    Our Leadership

    We are led by the best

    Moideen Koya


    With his vast experience and vision, Mr. Moideen Koya assumes a paramount role in shaping the trajectory of the company. His strategic foresight not only envisions the company's present but meticulously plans for its future dominance on the global stage.

    Mujeeb Rahman

    Managing Director

    At the helm, Mr Mujeeb Rahman injects dynamic leadership into Kenza TMT Steel bars. Focused on operational efficiency and strategic growth, he ensures the company's continued success in delivering top-notch TMT steel bars.

    Shahad Moideen

    CEO & Executive Director

    Mr Shahad Moideen is a second-generation entrepreneur who leads with innovation as the CEO & Executive Director. His forward-thinking approach and executive acumen set benchmarks in the steel industry, propelling Kenza TMT towards new heights.

    Hafeezulla Palakkandy

    Executive Director

    Mr Hafeezulla Palakkandy oversees factory operations, retail trading, and structural details. His meticulous management ensures seamless production processes and efficient retail operations, contributing to the company's overall success.

    Afsal Palakkandy

    Executive Director

    Mr Afsal Palakkandy, in his capacity as the Executive Director plays a pivotal role in sourcing the best raw materials and upholding stringent quality standards across all factories. He is instrumental in ensuring that Kenza TMT's products consistently adhere to the industry's highest standards of excellence.

    KT Khalid

    Executive Director

    Mr KT Khalid directs new projects towards success with a strategic vision. He has been guiding Kenza TMT to explore new projects that align with the company's commitment to excellence, ensuring that Kenza TMT remains agile and adaptable in an ever-changing steel industry landscape.

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    2 February, 2024
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    14 January, 2024
    Mammootty: The new brand ambassador of Kenza TMT
    13 January, 2024
    Client Testimonials

    What our customers say about us

    As a longtime distributor of construction materials, we've seen it all. Kenza TMT Steel bars Fe 550 SD have consistently impressed us with their exceptional strength and durability. Our clients have noted how well they withstand the pressures of large-scale projects.
    Selman Abdul Salam

    Ideal Agencies, Edavanakkad

    We switched to Kenza TMT Steel bars six months ago and have noticed a significant improvement in customer satisfaction. The Fe 550 SD grade, in particular, offers the seismic resistance our clients require in this earthquake-prone region.

    K A Traders, Thrissur

    We've been dealing with Kenza TMT Steel bars for years, and the Fe 550 SD variant is by far the best in terms of weldability and flexibility. Our client’s value the ease of use during complex constructions.
    Abdul Mujeeb

    K B Steels, Meppadi Wayanad

    The superior bendability and corrosion resistance of Kenza TMT Steel bars Fe 550 SD make them a favourite among the contractors we supply. We've had fewer complaints and more repeat orders since stocking this product.
    Rahul Thomas

    Popular Iron & Steel, Kochi

    The high-quality control during the manufacturing of Kenza TMT Steel bars Fe 550 SD is evident. It provides consistent mechanical properties which makes it a reliable option for our high-stakes projects.

    Cheereth Steels, Puthenkurish

    Our construction clients demand materials that minimise the risk of project delays. With Kenza TMT Steel Fe 550 SD bars, we've seen a notable decrease in incidents of material failures, which keeps projects on track.

    PT Store, Thootha

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