• Types of Steel Columns used in Construction

    January 9, 2024 | By Kenza TMT Steel Bars

    When it comes to constructing a strong and reliable building, the type of steel you use plays a significant role. You might be asking, “Which is the best steel for construction?” Well, there are various types of steel columns to choose from, each with its unique characteristics and applications.

    One of the best choices for steel columns in construction is TMT steel bars. TMT stands for “Thermo-Mechanically Treated,” and these bars are known for their superior strength and durability. They undergo a special manufacturing process that involves controlled heating and rapid cooling, which imparts enhanced strength to the steel. The high strength and ductility of TMT bars make them suitable for withstanding the vertical loads and lateral forces that columns in buildings may experience.

    The use of TMT steel bars in construction ensures that the columns can provide the required structural integrity and stability to the building. You’ll find TMT steel bars used in a wide range of construction applications, from residential buildings to large infrastructure projects.

    Different Types of Steel Columns

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the different types of steel columns used in construction:


    H-beams, also known as wide flange beams, are shaped like an “H.” These columns are often used to support heavy loads and provide stability to structures. H-beams are versatile and suitable for various applications, making them a popular choice in construction.


    I-beams, or “I-shaped” columns, are commonly used in building frames. Their design offers excellent strength and rigidity, making them ideal for load-bearing purposes. I-beams distribute the load evenly, making them a reliable choice for constructing safe and sturdy buildings.

    Box Columns

    Box columns are square or rectangular in shape and offer high load-bearing capacity. They are used in applications where a uniform distribution of loads is required, such as in the construction of industrial buildings and bridges. These columns provide great structural integrity.

    Round Columns

    Round columns, as the name suggests, are cylindrical in shape. They are often used in architectural applications, adding an aesthetic touch to buildings. While they may not carry extremely heavy loads, round columns contribute to the overall design and aesthetics of the structure.

    Composite Columns

    Composite columns combine different materials, such as concrete and steel, to take advantage of the strengths of each material. These columns are often used in applications where both strength and flexibility are required.

    What Affects the Price of Steel Bars?

    Now, you might be wondering why the price of steel bars varies. Several factors influence the cost of steel bars, and it’s essential to understand them.

    Quality of Steel

    The best TMT bars, like those we’ve mentioned, are known for their high-quality steel. Higher-quality steel bars tend to be more expensive but offer better longevity and strength.

    Production Process

    The method used to produce steel bars can also impact their price. TMT bars, for instance, undergo a specialised heat treatment process, making them pricier compared to traditional steel bars.

    Market Demand

    The demand for steel bars in the construction industry can fluctuate, affecting their price. In times of high demand, prices may rise, so it’s essential to keep an eye on market trends.

    Transportation Costs

    The cost of transporting steel bars to your construction site can vary depending on the distance and logistics, so this is another factor that impacts the overall price.

    Exploring the Best TMT Bar Distributors

    To ensure you get the best steel for your construction project, you need a reliable TMT bar distributor. A trustworthy distributor can provide you with high-quality TMT bars at competitive prices. Consider the following factors while choosing a distributor


    Look for distributors with a solid reputation in the industry. You can ask for recommendations from colleagues or check online reviews and testimonials.


    Ensure that the distributor follows industry standards and holds relevant certifications for the products they offer.

    Customer Support

    A distributor with excellent customer support can assist you in selecting the right steel for your specific project and provide guidance on its usage.


    Compare prices from different distributors to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.


    Choosing the best steel for your project is essential for ensuring the safety and longevity of your building. The best steel for construction is the one that aligns with your project’s needs, budget, and goals. It’s essential to follow local building codes and regulations when selecting the type and grade of TMT steel bars for a construction project to ensure that the columns meet the necessary structural and safety requirements.

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